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Tarik teaches private music lessons on Bass, Songwriting, Piano and Guitar.
Each lesson is one-on-one in Ashland, OR or on Zoom. Lessons are catered to the individual's needs and learning desires.

Lessons are recommended to be weekly but can take place every other week or on an as-needed basis.
Email or call 510-260-9113 to see if music coaching, support, and education
with Tarik is right for you. Pricing and more details on each proficiency is below. 


Bass is Tarik's main instrument. All contemporary styles and genres. Beginner to Advanced students welcome. 


Learn the basics, delve into song analyzation, or

workshop your material. Beginner to Advanced students welcome. 


Learn rhythm and solo guitar, improvisation and proper technique. 

Beginner and intermediate players are welcome. 


A key instrument for writing music and understanding music theory. Kids and adults, beginner to intermediate students welcome. 

 $80 / hour        $65 / 45 minutes        $45 / half hour



Bass is Tarik’s main instrument as a player. Read the Bass Player Magazine review on his playing in MoeTar.  With decades of playing professionally in progressive rock, rock, latin and latin fusion, jazz, soul, funk, pop, ska and reggae bands. Learn to be a solid player, build skills from scratch, dig into how to be a great bass soloist, develop your chops and broaden what you thought was possible on the bass. Beginner to Advanced students welcome.

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Tarik’s strongest musical talent and skill-set lies in songwriting. An obsessive writer with hundreds of songs under his belt. He made a name as a writer in the progressive rock scene with original bands, MoeTar and currently Raze the Maze. Tarik has also written for many pop, soul, latin-fusion and rock bands. Tarik can teach skills to enhance songwriting abilities and thrives when facilitating workshops with writers on their material. Beginner to Advanced songwriters welcome.

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As a multi-instrumentalist, Tarik also plays guitar and can teach a wide range of levels and musical styles including classical,jazz,rock,pop,funk,latin and more. Weather you are just looking to learn to play some simple songs or want to tackle advanced technique Tarik can help you with your goals.

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Tarik began his musical journey on piano at the age of 5 and has been playing ever since. The piano for Tarik is his main instrument for composing and songwriting. Learn music theory, how to read sheet music, write lead sheets and charts for a band or scores for large ensembles. Whatever your level, Tarik can help coach and guide you to higher levels of musicianship.

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