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Tel: 510.260.9113

Tarik Ali Ragab

Newly lives in Ashland, OR after 20 year in the SF Bay Area and is still working in both areas. 

Tarik Ali Ragab (aka T.A.R.) is a local visionary, multi-talented artist and musician. His original visual art blends elements of Lowbrow, Street Art, Pop Culture, and Surrealism. His early work primarily dealt with societal cognitive dissonance, existential crisis, and poly-dimensional intersecting states of consciousness. Continuing with this exploration, his latest series draws from symbolism, comic books, and religious iconography. 

As a commissioned artist, Tarik has created the art for custom album covers, concert posters, band T-shirts, large-scale wall murals, custom painting & carving on instruments (guitar bodies and pick-guards, drum heads), airbrushed motorcycle art, real estate sketches, children's book illustrations, and medical illustrations. He utilizes acrylics, watercolor, sketch, airbrush, collage, Sharpies, and whiteout, along with other found and random methods of moving color. 


Tarik is also a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and composer. His latest band is Raze the Maze, a progressive-pop collaboration with his wife and co-founder Moorea Dickason (formerly of MoeTar.) His playing has been featured in Bass Player magazine, for which he has written many articles and reviews. Over the years, Tarik has composed 100's of songs, played with 100's of different musicians, and recorded dozens of albums of his original music.

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