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@tarikragabart on Instagram

Tarik Ali Ragab, also known as TAR, is a visionary artist and musician. His unique visual art takes the viewer to a dream-like world with cascading color and surreal creatures, fusing style elements of Lowbrow, Street Art, Pop Culture, and Surrealism as seen in his portfolio at  


As a commissioned artist, Tarik has created murals, painted and carved instruments, airbrushed motorcycle art, real estate sketches, children's book and medical illustrations and he was formerly an airbrush album cover replicator for Tower Records in Oakland, CA,. His versatile use of mediums includes acrylics, watercolor, airbrush, collage, Sharpie, and found objects. 


In addition to his visual art, Tarik is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and composer. He co-founded the progressive rock band Raze the Maze with his wife, Moorea Dickason. His musicianship has been featured in Bass Player magazine and he recently arranged two pieces for Oakland Symphony. You can see him perform around the Rogue Valley, OR and the SF Bay Area. Follow him @tarikragabart on Instagram.

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